How To Make the Best Ever Cup of Coffee with a French Press
March 21, 2016
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Oh, Mondays. It wouldn't be impossible to get through them without that almighty cup of coffee. My hubs and I have always loved our single-serve brewer, but we recently decided to try our hand at the French press and you guys, it produces the best cup of joe I've had in my life. Plus, it's a whole lot prettier on the countertop than a bulky machine—save those moments for when family and friends come over and endless cups are needed!

French press (our is from Williams-Sonoma)
Coffee beans
Coffee grinder
Stirring spoon
Measuring spoon


Grind coffee beans. Coarse ground beans are preferred to achieve a smooth, full flavor.

Begin to heat your water in a kettle. In the meantime, measure out your coffee. You should aim for roughly 1 tbsp per cup of water.

Pour your hot water into the press, evenly covering the coffee grounds. Leave 1-2 inches at the top of your press to allow for room the lid. Stir and cover with your lid, leaving the press elevated still.

Let steep for 4 minutes. Then, gently but evenly push down on the press. If needed, release and press until coffee grounds are all at the bottom.

Pour and enjoy! And if you're perfect cup of french press coffee needs a perfect gray inspired kitchen to really make it look good...check out the little ditty of a video below of our favorite Gorgeous Gray Kitchens!

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