Add a Touch of Spring Green to Your Home with this Simple DIY
March 15, 2016
When I hear things like easy to keep alive and will thrive during the winter then I know that's the kind of house plant for me. Succulents are notorious for being easy to maintain and they're totally en vogue so a little succulent garden DIY is just the thing for my fellow not-so-green thumbs. Follow these easy steps from Sage Market + Design along with Freebird Photography and get your plant on this Spring.
One of our favorite things to plants are succulents. Not only are they beautiful and unique and come in an large variety of colors and shapes but they are one of the easiest plants to care for. Succulents will thrive indoors during the winter, but really begin to show off in the summer so with spring quickly approaching it is the perfect time to plant a garden!

variety of different succulents
succulent potting soil


step-1 Choose which container you would like to plant your garden in and from there you can figure out how many succulents you will need. Feel free to play around with the succulents in the bowl before you put the soil in to decide how you would like to place them.

step-2 Fill the container 3/4 of the way with special potting mix specifically for succulents and cacti. Choose a fast-draining soil that retains little moisture as succulents do not like wet roots.
step-3 To plant start with your largest succulent. It doesn't necessarily have to be placed directly in the middle of the bowl but it will offer you a focal point to build from. Remove the succulent from its plastic pot by turning it upside down in your hand and pulling off the pot, then gently breaking up the bottom to loosen the roots before setting it in the container. It can be helpful to plan your placement beforehand.

step-4 Continue by building out from this first planted succulent. Cascading succulents are best planted near the container's edge. If you have succulents of similar colors place them in different areas around the container rather than concentrating them in one place. Also, you want the garden to have a lush, full look so fill in every gap.
step-5 Use a mister to lightly water. Succulents retain moisture so make sure not to overwater. The soil should feel bone-dry before watering again.

step-6 Enjoy your beautiful creation!

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