5 Minutes to Perfect Party Hair
March 9, 2016
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Party hair often times requires a little more effort than your go-to tousled bun. And don't get us wrong, we partake in tousled bunning more than is probably deemed appropriate but this 5 minute (yes, 5 simple minutes) hairstyle will have you ditching your top knot and never looking back. Check out this perfect party hair tutorial from Lauren KelpStylisted and you'll be dazzling in 300 seconds flat.

Curl the Ends

For this effortless tousled look, it’s best to start by curling the ends of your hair. Ooh, if you thought we would make you spend 30 minutes in front of your mirror curling sections of your hair, you couldn’t be farther from the truth! We are all about quick, easy, and fabulous here at Lauren Kelp & this curling wand has changed our lives.

Star by pinning the front left and right section of your hair up (this will be the section we braid later). Grab medium size sections of hair (starting from the underside and working forward) and use the bubble wand to curl. It’s totally worth the trip to Target because this little guy perfectly curls hair in sections. No weird hand twisting or wonky curls – it’s super easy and crazy practical if you like the look.

Loosely Braid

Remember those front two sections we pinned up? Now it’s time to have some fun! Unpin the left section and start to loosely braid until you have about two inches of hair left. Pin across the back of the head & repeat with the right section.

PRO TIP: When you braid each section, instead of braiding down, pull the braid around the back of the head so it lays flat.

Once you are finished braiding, the braids should be sitting on top of each other. Grab the left (top) braid and tuck the end under the right (bottom) braid & pin. The goal is to have two braids sitting on top of each other & wrapped behind the crown of your head. Untuck the tails & let loose to create a full & effortless look.

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