The only Decoration You Need this Mother's Day
February 27, 2016
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I spent a good amount of time on our Weddings side, and one detail that always made my heart flip-flop? A beautiful flower wall. But really, this party trick is fab for any event—and I'm starting to think kind of necessary for every event. Don't you agree? Well, we've got Lark & Linen and The Vault Files to thank for breaking down the insanely easy DIY for us and the result is the definition of lovely.

Fishing wire
A bucket of flowers and greenery, in colours of your choosing
A 3-4′ length metal rod or wooden dowel (alternatively: washi tape)

Cut your fishing wire to desired length (we cut ours about 4′ long, and we used 8 strands)

Cut each flower, leaving a 2-3″ stem, trimming any fussy leaves

Grab your first length of fishing wire. Leaving 6-8″ or so at the top (so you can tie it to your rod or dowel), begin by tying individual blooms directly to the fishing wire. Every so often, tuck in a few leaves, or double up on your blooms, to keep things interesting. Try to play around with different textures, different colours, and different sizes, ensuring that no two flowers are right next to each other. And keep anywhere from 6-8″ between each bloom. Throw perfection out the window and simply have fun with each strand.

Repeat with remaining strands of fishing wire.

Once you have all of your strands of flowers, carefully tie them at equal intervals to your metal rod. Next, hang your rod on the wall using nails as support. Alternatively, tape each strand directly onto the wall using colourful washi tape.
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