Making the Most of Winter Entertaining
February 24, 2016
Oh winter. It sure gets a bad rap. But you know what? It's become one of my favorite seasons to entertain. Think fires, fun cocktails, stick-to-your-bones meals - see what I mean? Not to mention, snow acts as the most perfect chiller for bubbly. So if you aren't on #teamwinter yet, check out these ways to warm up your festivities even on the coldest day. xo, Abby Capalbo

1. Keep 'em cozy

This is obvious. Being cold, no matter how cute everything is, is not fun. If you are going to have outside entertainment during the winter months, make sure you have plenty of heat sources, blankets, extra mittens, hats, scarves, etc. A little shot of cinnamon whiskey helps too. Particularly when served in cute little mini mugs.

2. Embrace the Chill

Snow is the most perfect cooler for all your beverages. Bonus points? It looks extra pretty too. The one thing you don't need to worry about while entertaining in the winter? Beverages gone bad.

3. Up the Activities

Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, perhaps a little ice-skating - something to keep the blood flowing is crucial for being making the most of a winter day. But if you are just in your backyard, don't rule out your favorite summer games like bocce (just use another target ball), croquet, corn hole - and make sure it's all followed up with some delicious s'mores (we like to serve them on cookies!).

4. Channel your inner Canadian

My hubby and I visited Quebec around the holidays, and our friendly neighbors to the north taught us one very important winter lesson; there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. And it's kind of true. As long as you are bundled to the brim, it's amazing how fun it can be outdoors, even on the chilliest of days. We also learned how to make Maple Taffy on fresh snow, and that alone makes us keep our fingers crossed for the next nor'easter.

5. Have a Warm Meal Waiting

This is a no-brainer. Sometimes the best part of being outside in the winter weather is knowing there is a cozy fire, some hot cocoa, and a meal so good you can't move waiting for you after. I like to stick to the classics - chili, pot roast, or an amazing winter pasta. All things that can cook in the crock pot while we all enjoy our very own winter wonderland.
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