8 Easy Steps for a Straight Hairstyle with Bangs
February 22, 2016
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If there's anyone who can rock bangs (and rock them well) it's Jenny of Margo & Me. I love seeing her straight locks pop up in my feed, and today, she's letting us in on how she perfects this go-to look with all the products you need to do it. Get more of Jenny's killer style in our Instagram takeover right now!
From Jenny of Margo & Me... One of the most common questions I hear about my hair is how I style it. I’ve always been the wash, dry and go kind of girl so I rely on my products to work for me when it comes to quick styling. Working with bangs is far from low-maintenance, as you can probably imagine if you’ve never tried. And if you’ve tried, you know it’s pretty much a love-hate relationship. Even if I don’t wash my hair, I’m washing/drying my bangs every day and trimming them once a week (maybe don’t try this at home if you’re doing it for the first time). Below, I’ve listed the products and tools I use and the order I use them in to get my every day look.

Shampoo. I have to admit, I am not very loyal when it comes to my shampoo. I like to mix it up every few weeks. My shower looks like the shampoo section of your local beauty store. Currently I’m obsessed with this luxurious rinse though. It’s basically caviar for your hair and leaves it with a glossy and lustrous feel. I dont color my hair so I don’t use color treated shampoos but this is great because it is color and keratin treatment safe if you do.

Conditioner. When it comes to conditioner, I am weak for anything that smells heavenly. This bottle is basically the fountain of youth for your hair. What I love most about this line is that it’s formulated without parabens, sulfates or sodium chloride so it won’t dull your locks or leave buildup. I always leave conditioner on my ends for at least 5 minutes.

Leave in Conditioner. Ladies with long hair, if you haven’t discovered It’s a 10 yet, run to your closest drug store and buy it immediately. There is no false advertising on this bottle, it truly works miracles on the most teased and tangled hair. Smells delicious, too!

Volumizing Spray. Since my hair airs on the flatter side, I look for products that will give me a little extra lift. After I get out of the shower and towel dry my hair, I spray a few pumps of this onto my roots and massage it in. The result is fuller more style-able hair.

Blow Dry. The key to getting your bangs to cooperate is to dry them immediately. The minute they start to air dry, they set into their natural state and you’ll end up with a side-bang-cowlick…if your lucky. I use this dryer!

Round Brush. I use my small round brush with my dryer angled over my forehead and gently brush my bangs side to side in a downward motion. Once they are on the dryer side, brush them into place using the heat from the dryer. I will let my brush sit on my bangs in the position I want them until they cool. The cooling helps them to set in the place you want them to sit. Then gently round the edges under to give them a softer look.

Straighten. I learned a very valuable trick from my hairstylist recently, I would have never touched my bangs with a straightener before learning this. To rid of frizz, set your straightener on very low heat and instead of clamping down on your strands, set them gently between the iron and in a swift downward motion, go over the ends. I do this to my bangs and also to the ends of the rest of my hair to give it a more glossy look.

Texturizing Spray. To set everything in place, I don’t typically use a heavy hairspray, not even on my bangs. Instead I opt for texturizing spray because it creates more grip and body in my hair. It’s a bit on the pricer side but worth every penny in my opinion.
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