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February 19, 2016
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I was first introduced to Jouer Cosmetics by my bridal makeup artist. She handed me the most perfect shade of barely there lip gloss and I've been a goner ever since. And when I spotted Jouer's HQ it was exactly as I would imagine – gorgeous and blushing pink. Great makeup and a killer sense of style are only the tip of the fabulous iceberg for founder and creative director Christina Zilber. Have a peek at where the magic happens all photographed by Rebecca Yale.

Tell us about the Jouer brand

Jouer is all about enhancing what you find beautiful about yourself. It’s about empowering women to feel like the best version of themselves.

What sets Jouer apart from its competitors?

Hands down, Jouer’s skincare based formulas and effortless colors set the brand apart. I’m a stickler for sophisticated, good-for-your skin ingredients and I make sure that every product Jouer creates is a problem-solver.

Take the the Luminizing and Matte Moisture Tints, for example. They are our best sellers because they deliver beautiful coverage with nourishing and soothing ingredients. Every product in the line is designed and developed with high-quality ingredients to not only give you the coverage and color you desire, but also promote a healthy complexion.

How would you describe the Jouer girl?

The Jouer girl is generally busy (aren’t we all?!), and she needs her makeup to multitask. We have products for every skin tone and type. Whether you’re looking for sheer washes of color or full coverage, Jouer’s high-performance, skin care based makeup suites everyone.

Why did you decide to start Jouer?

As a model, I use to sit in the hair and makeup chair and take notes on everything the makeup artist used on me. Once, an artist put together a palette of lipsticks she had used on set, and I was thrilled. I took it the next step and started hand filling empty palettes with solid foundations, concealers, cream blushes, etc. I loved the idea of makeup on the go, but found palettes on the market limiting. I started to obsess over the idea of customized palettes and the idea of Jouer was born.

What's been your favorite part about starting and running the company?

Starting and running a company certainly has its challenges, but it is also incredibly rewarding. My favorite part of the job is the creative process! I love developing shades, new formulas, and products that will help women in a meaningful way.

Recently, with the ever-evolving world of social media, I’m now able to connect directly with customers and fans and that’s been incredible. I love engaging with our followers and consider them a part of the Jouer community.

How does the studio design reflect the brand?

We refer to the studio space as our Beauty Bungalows because the vibe is “professional homey.” It’s approachable and warm like a home, yet designed to be a practical working space. The décor is a reflection of the brand; clean, feminine and classic, yet modern. Some highlights of the studio are our iconic black and white photographs, our ridiculously fun beauty closet of Jouer products, and our candy jars filled with pink candy.

What are your favorite Can't-Live-Without products?

1. Concealer is by far is my “Can’t-Live-Without” product. I love concealer and carry it with me daily because I NEED it. All of Jouer concealers have superior coverage plus skincare ingredients. Whether you’re battling dark circles, discoloration, blemishes (or all of the above!) Jouer’s got ingredients to treat your concerns while covering.

2. I also Can’t-Live-Without Jouer’s Anti-Blemish Treatment Primer and both Luminizing and Matte Moisture Tint. I blend the two to even out my skin tone and make sure it lasts all day. I believe it all starts with good skin, so I make sure my foundation mix is just right.

3. More recently, I discovered long-wearing liquid lipsticks and have become OBSESSED. It’s changed my makeup-game. I was on the hunt for a shimmer liquid lipstick that was moisturizing and would stay put all day. I couldn’t find one, so I decided to develop one myself. And I’m most excited to share, we’re debuting our new Long-Wear Lip Cremes, packed with Vitamin E, this Spring. It’s the first true shimmer liquid lipstick on the market!

What inspires you?

What doesn't inspire me?! I’m inspired nearly everywhere I go and everywhere I look. I find myself being inspired by anything from a beauty spread on a blog to a recent business article or the latest YouTube video. I’m constantly tearing images out of magazines, snapping screen shots of design ideas, pulling color inspirations and forwarding them to my team.

Above all, what truly inspires me the most are my children. They never cease to amaze me. They’ve become so independent and, yet, still like to hang out with their Mom. My daughter and I recently launched a YouTube Channel together –Jouer Girls- focusing on beauty. It’s been so much fun and a great way to spend quality time working on something we both love.

What's the best advice you've ever received?

The best advice I ever received is “Don’t take no for an answer.” I tell this to my kids and those I work with. A “No” means, maybe. With persistence, determination and resourcefulness, tout est possible!

What are 5 items every woman should have in her makeup bag?

1. Concealer – I’m a concealer junkie and let’s face it, we’ve all got something to cover.
2. Sunscreen – I don’t leave home without it.
3. Lip Gloss- I think at any given time I have five different lip glosses with me; in my bag, in my car; in my work tote.
4. Matte Bronzer- I’m a believer in double-duty products, so when in a pinch the right shade of matte bronzer can double up as face powder, or even as an eye shadow or contour.
5. Long-Wear Lipstick – Though I love a good gloss, when it comes to all day wear, I opt for a long-wear liquid lipstick. It can take you from day to night with no additional application needed.

What's your best piece of beauty advice?

Find what you love about yourself, and enhance it. I believe in embracing individual beauty. I’m raising a teenaged daughter and I see how hard she is on herself. I want her to embrace her individual beauty and spend more time looking out into the world than looking in the mirror. There’s no doubt in my mind that beauty IS as beauty DOES, so I tell her true beauty comes from helping others.

What do you think will be big makeup trends in 2016?

Highlighters will continue to be strong in 2016. Highlighters give your skin a beautiful “lit from within” glow, but you can also use them to sculpt and lift. Jouer has a few different highlighters in the line - beautiful creams, luminizing liquids and brightening powders. Because there are so many benefits to the right highlight, I’m in the process of developing something new for our highlighter category. Stay tuned this summer!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! I wish I had started earlier, but c’est la vie. Wear sunscreen everyday! I’ve made sure my two main face products (Luminizing Moisture Tint and Matte Moisture Tint, which I wear everyday) contain SPF, the key ingredient to keeping your skin youthful. (That, and staying hydrated and getting your beauty sleep.)

What's your secret to success?

The secret is to never give up, stay creative and think outside the box. Keep working towards what you want…And, remember, don’t take NO for an answer.
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How do you relax after a long day?

With owning my own business and being a single mom to two teenagers, it’s difficult for me to ever really turn it off and relax. I try to do yoga three times a week to unplug. I also love cooking classes or a hike with my girlfriends.

What's your favorite item in the studio?

Although my guilty-pleasure self would say the pink candy jars, I’d really have to say our product development beauty closet. I’m a product junky! I love testing formulas, swatching shades and planning out the upcoming seasonal launches.

What inspired the studio design? Why did you make the design choices you did?

I wanted the Jouer bungalows to be the ideal space for creating beautiful products! For me, that meant they had to be filled with light, warm and inviting, and possess an energy that fosters creativity.

What's your life motto?

Plain and simple, I believe in the Golden Rule….And on a bad day, there’s always lipstick.


For more about Christina and behind the scenes, follow along on snapchat @czjouer
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