How To Create The Perfect Champagne Tower
February 9, 2016
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We've been indulging in sweets land for the past 24 hours and have been loving every second. But we're getting a little thirsty around here. So, we're busting out the bubbly and serving it up in style, champagne tower perfection to be exact. You guys, this is SO much easier than you might think! And such a fun way to dress up a party, whether it be a Valentine's soiree or a birthday bash. Get the how to below!

Bottles of champagne (we used about one bottle for every 8 coupes but this will vary depending on the size of your coupes)
Coupe glasses (not flutes!)
Tray (large enough for your bottom layer)


step-1Set your tray on a sturdy, even table—it will catch any spillage from the tower.

step-2The tower is made of layers of coupes arranged in a square formation. Each layer of the tower has 1 less coupe on each side than the layer below- for example, if your base layer is a square of 16 coupes (4x4), the next layer would be 9 coupes (3x3), then 4 coupes (2x2), and finished with 1 coupe on top.

step-3To stack the coupes, arrange the first layer in a square shape with all the rims touching, so that there is a diamond shape of space in the middle of the rims. Place each coupe of the next layer centered over the diamond shape between the rims of the coupes below. Keep stacking until you top with a single coupe.

step-4Slowly pour champagne into the top coupe and as it fills it will overflow and spill into the coupes below. The champagne will trickle down and fill all the coupes in this manner (and make way less of a mess than you might imagine!).


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Photography: White Loft Studio | Design + Styling: Style Me Pretty Living | Flowers: Wholesale Flowers | Calligraphy: Becca Joas | Blush Linen Pillow: Wayfair | Champagne Coupes: ACME Party Box | Gold Cake Stand: Canvas Home | Gold Lumbar Pillow: Wayfair | Pink Ikat Pillow: Joss & Main | Pink Mohair Throw: Wayfair | Pink Pillow: Wayfair | Velvet Pillow: Joss & Main