Blushing, Dessert Filled Valentine's Party at Home
February 8, 2016
Valentine's DayValentine's Day PartyParty
We're pretty sure that Valentine's Day is Style Me Pretty's signature holiday. Our colors are actually blush and bashful (or pink and pink!). But to us, sharing the love is more about the company you keep than anything else, whether that's you and your hubs or a gaggle of your favorite girlfriends. So this V-Day is all about sharing the love. With a really pretty party and REALLY good food.


PINK! Okay, and gold and blacks and well, romance. We wanted to capture the sweetness of such a holiday with the luxury of throwing a little party at home, with those you love. So we wanted pure oppulance paired with whimsy, we wanted casual sitting pretty next to all out fancy pants.


Matte champagne sequin tablecloths set the tone and were placed on the coffee table and dessert table. We had a fire in fireplace to set the mood. And a mini champagne tower on white tray on coffee table to set the glam factor. We swapped out our regular pillows with pretty pink varieties and sprinkled in our pink desserts everywhere we could find a flat surface.


Our flowers were generously donated by FiftyFlowers. And while we did get them for free, there are no amount of amazing favors that could justify the crazy incredibleness of the blooms themselves and the gracious people who supplied them.
We went with roses of every variety we could think of from garden to spray, sprinkling in tulips and delicate greens along the way. We jam packed as many as we could possibly fit into black urns to up the organic glam factor and placed them around the room so guests could enjoy them from every corner.


  • Chocolate Tarts...We whipped up these chocolate tarts, then poured some salted caramel sauce on top.

  • Gilded Chocolate Gems...We melted white chocolate, dyed it with a little food coloring, then set it in gem chocolate molds, topping it with edible gold leaf. YUM.

  • Rose Cupcakes. Instead of baking our cupcakes in a cupcake pan, we placed wrappers on a sheet pan and scooped an ice cream scoop full of batter into each. The batter pushed the wrapper out a bit so that we had a wider, slightly thinner cupcake, perfect for our rose frosting! Use a Wilton 2D tip to achieve the rose topper.

  • Cheesecake Mouse. We'll have the full recipe coming up later today but think cream cheese, white chocolate, whipping cream and a heavy dose of pure yum.

  • Double Chocolate Cookie Cups with Milk. Full recipe coming up later but these were the star of the day FOR sure. We used silicone baking molds to create chocolate cookie cups. Then we dunked them in chocolate, then in toffee and finally topped them off with ice cold milk.

  • Ombre Meringue Kisses. Which are as delightful as they sound. Pillowy little nuggets of meringue that were a total breeze to make.

  • Chocolate Ganache Cake - A chocolate on chocolate orgy. Yeah, I said it. This was the best cake I've ever had (toot, toot) and is a combination of two different recipes that we'll be sharing this week.


Every good party has a little activity to keep the mood festive. Not necessarily full on crafting, but just pretty cards set out so that guests could tackle their Valentine's...writing sweet notes and hand addressing envelopes.

We had cocktails & desserts in the living room. Small "station" tables (desserts, valentines, and champagne/eating tables) were set throughout the house. And as our guests left, we gifted them with little watercolor boxes of homemade chocolates.
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