A Genius Idea for House Guests: The DIY Hostess Basket
February 2, 2016
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I fully believe that preparation is a good hostess's best friend. And after years of learning from the best of them (ahem Hostess with the Mostess Abby Larson) I've adopted a few tried and true tricks. Things like always having a stash of good champagne for impromptu celebrations, a curated play list at the ready and a few crowd-pleasing recipes in my arsenal and now this little trick. Meet the DIY Hostess Basket from Simply Charming Socials + Sawyer Baird.
This time of year, we all of a sense of urgency to clean house. Decluttering, purging, Spring Cleaning, whatever you call it, the effort to streamline and simplify is embedded in our souls. As you tackle the pantry, keep one thing constant: a Hostess Basket.
From overnight guests to dinner parties to showers of all kind, I adore being a hostess. There is something about preparing a lovely meal, decorating a room, setting the table, and laying out little goodies for friends and family that brings me such joy. I'm important to be ready for guests, so I keep a Hostess Basket in my pantry in case an impromptu get-together arises.
Fill a basket or bin with gourmet dry goods, candles, linens, and a couple of tiny goodies for last minute dinner parties and spend-the-night guests. When the time comes to host, just add some fresh ingredients and flowers on the table, and you're all set.

A few Ideas for the perfect Hostess Basket

• Linen Spray: A mild scented linen spray can be used as a Febreze stand-in or as a quick air freshener.

• Pasta Sauce: Your favorite jar of sauce will have some shelf life and is versatile enough to use on a pasta dish, grilled chicken, or even a bread-dipper. Pesto is a good alternative if you don't love red sauces.

• Caramels: These are my absolute favorite and can go in a candy dish, on a pillow in the guest room, or even in little goodie bags.

• Scone Mix: This mix sits well in a pantry and makes for tasty breakfast, brunch, or dessert sweet. Pair with ice cream, whip cream, and/or fresh berries.

• Turkish Towel: Accent or hand towels set aside just for company come in handy. Be sure to wash and iron after every use so they are good to go for the next guests.
• Bar of Soap: A gorgeous bar of hand soap goes a long way in fancying up your bathroom for guests. Choose a mild scent that could work with any season, such as oat milk or honey.

• Gourmet Pasta: Keep a bag of fancy-shaped pasta or another starch in your basket.

• Pickles: A jar of picked peppers, veggies, or olives make for great gourmet additions to your appetizer platter or dinner.

• Flavored Syrup: Vanilla syrup can be added to cocktails, coffee, or even soda. Just a splash goes a long way.

• Spice Blend: A versatile spice mix or season salt is important to keep aside as it can be used on anything from roasted potatoes to pot roast.

• Fancy Votives: I always keep a collection of fancy votives aside to place on my mantle, tablescape, or in my powder room. Don't forget the tea lights and a lighter!

• Place Card Holders: These little pigs work season to season and are cute enough to give everyone a little giggle.