Tallulah + Bellamy Novogratz's 7 Steps to Revamping Your Closet
January 29, 2016
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Quentin & Co's closet left our heads spinning with dreams of pretty dressing rooms and accessories lined up in color coordinated rows. And now Tallulah and Bellamy Novogratz, whose parents Cortney and Robert are the talent behind the design firm, The Novogratz, are spilling the beans on achieving dream closet status... or at the least a tidied up, revamped, 2016 version of your current clothing station.

7 Steps To Revamping Your Closet

1. Most important rule - Clean out your Wardrobe!

Detox. Spend a full day going through your closet and making a pile of clothes that you love and can't live without, and a pile of clothes you haven't worn once in the past year. My mom always makes me and my sister get rid of clothes before we buy new clothes. Give your old clothes to Goodwill, a friend, or go to your local consignment store and sell them.

2. Organization is Key.

Everything in your closet has a place. Taking time to organize will make it easier for you find what you're looking for and will keep your closet looking clean and put together. If you live in a place with true seasons, store your winter clothes to showcase your spring and summer wardrobe.

3. Create a Color Scheme Through Closet Accessories.

Accessories like non-slip velvet clothes hangers and fabric storage boxes will make your closet a reflection of your personal taste and make your morning more enjoyable. Picking a neutral color will give your closet a sophisticated look.

4. Revamp your Closet Shelves.

Decorative boxes give your shelves character. Hermes Boxes are classic. Even Birchbox's boxes are beautiful. Add a beautiful mirrored tray to display all your perfume bottles. These touches not only help to organize the things you use every day, but they add personality to your closet.

5. Develop Your Personal Style.

Whether you dress in a sexy, spunky, classy, or edgy way, you should always own your personal style and work it through your closet. “Most of the time, I dress in casual neutral colors but with classic accessory pieces like an Hermes bracelet or Alexander McQueen scarf to give my look some edge and class – says Bellamy.” "My style is edgy and unique. I love wearing color, overalls, jump suits, vintage clothing, and old concert t-shirts. My favorite clothing store is Opening Ceremony – says Tallulah”

6. Make a Wish list.

Go through your closet and make a list of things you need to develop your style and fill out your wardrobe. Set a realistic budget and spend wisely. Maintain the new state your closet is in and continue styling your chic/ organized closet.

7. The Fun Part.

And now it is time to do some....SHOPINGGGG. Ladies, be smart!

Photography: Manifesto Photography | Closet Pictured: Shauna Dean Of Quentin & Co