Neutral Home Office Oasis
January 27, 2016
This cozy space can best be described as a spot where shoes line the bookshelves and blogging magic happens. Sounds like my kind of office! With the help of Havenly, fashion & lifestyle blogger Sara Azani of Style MBA transformed her home office into a chic, grey oasis that totally embodies her sense of style. It's where creative dreams come to fruition. See even more in the VAULT.
Fashion & Lifestyle blogger Sara Azani of Style MBA recently teamed up with Havenly to create the home office of her dreams.
Changing the look and feel of her Arlington home office, Sara worked with Havenly - the online interior design destination that makes redecorating simple & affordable - to create a space that inspired her to be productive but also embodied her sense of style. Working closely with a designer handpicked for Sara, the end result was the perfect oasis for getting creative!
The theme of Sara's new office space is neutral minimalist - filled with accents of blue and grey to provide a bit of contrast against the white in the room. The space artfully plays with light and furniture to make the office feel large and open yet cozy.
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