DIY Gold Corner Frames
January 20, 2016
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I don't think any DIY arsenal is quite complete without the addition of gold leaf. Gold leaf makes everything better and can take you from blah to beautiful in minutes. A magical thing it is. Case in point? These gold-cornered beauties that'll have you digging in the photo archives just to fill them so you can make more for your gallery wall. Get the deets below!

White picture frame
Gold leaf adhesive size
Gold leaf sheets
Masking tape
Foam paintbrush



Remove the glass, picture, and backing from the frame. Mark off the gold corners by wrapping the frame with masking tape (we measured 2” from the corner for the smaller frames and 3.5” for the larger frames).


Paint the corner of the frame with a light coat of adhesive. Repeat on remaining corners and lay a piece of cardboard or plastic bag to dry. Let dry 10-15 minutes until tacky.


Gently press on a sheet of gold leaf over each corner. Press on more leaf until each corner is totally covered. Use a dry paintbrush to brush off the excess leaf.


Paint a thin coat of sealant over each corner and let dry ½ hour.

step-5Peel off the masking tape and pop the glass, picture, and backing back into the frame. Voila!


Ikea Hack: DIY Gold Leaf Entry Table


Design & Styling: SMP Living