DIY Kate Spade-Inspired Desk Accessories
January 19, 2016
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This DIY is for all of you who pass by the gold stapler while shopping, pick it up and then put it back every. single. time. Because a pretty desk is important to you, but you just can't fathom spending 75 bucks on a few desk accessories. Me? I'm that person. So when our very own Abby Larson whipped up these chic pieces for half the price (in under 30 minutes!) all of my desk accessory dreams came true.


Mask off the edges of your acrylic stapler (like so) and the serrated edge of your acrylic tape dispenser with washi tape or thin painters tape.


Use your acrylic gold paint to paint the tops, sides and metal hardware on your stapler and tape dispenser.


Paint the bottom of your acrylic pencil holder with the gold paint and voila! Pop in some pretty pencils and patterned washi tape and you have a chic new set of desk accessories.


More of a I-want-it-now kind of person and would rather skip the DIY? Find it here: Kate Spade Gold Stapler | Kate Spade Gold Tape Dispenser | Kate Spade Acrylic Pencil Holder


Design & Styling: SMP Living