DIY Party Hats (for Grown Ups)
January 18, 2016
Who said kids had to have all the fun? For your next little shindig, why not bring the adults in on the festivities with these sweet little party hats from the oh-so-lovely Boxwood Avenue. They are adorable and super easy to whip up, meaning they are a must-craft for adults in your life who will always be a kid at heart (and aren't those the best kind?).
FromBoxwood Avenue...I have a bit of a crafting obsession (clearly), and often find myself buying completely unnecessary craft supplies, because I have a feeling that at some point in time, I will use them. This happens to be the case for both the headbands, and the mache cones.
I knew that someday I would find the perfect use for both of those cute little craft supplies, but didn't think to put the two together until I was dreaming up DIY New Year's Eve party ideas! It was one of those little lightbulb moments - stick that cone on the headband.
I had some extra wired tinsel ribbon left over from a few Christmases ago, which worked perfectly for the gold party hat. I also used some gold ribbon and tied little tiny knots to make the pink hat. I didn't get a good photo of the white one - but I glued a faux flower to the top of it - and it turned out SO cute!

Acrylic Paint (I used Party Streamer, Gold, and White)
Paper Mache Cones
Metal Headbands
Hot Glue Gun



Paint the cones with a few coats of acrylic paint! Let dry.


Use hot glue to decorate your party hats! Try using left over tinsel from Christmas, glitter, and faux flowers!


Use some hot glue to secure the cone to the base of the metal headband.
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