A Very Golden First Birthday
January 18, 2016
1st BirthdayKids BirthdayParty
I think this party might be my design spirit animal. Party hats, gold everything and a delicious charcuterie and cheese spread. It's definitely a celebration that speaks to all ages. Designed by Sitting In A Tree, along with florals by Hana Style Designs and photography by Emily Sacco, see even more of this very golden 1st birthday in the VAULT.
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We put on this fete for my daughter. The party was in Colorado where all of our friends and family live and we found some amazing vendors to make it a reality! It was her golden birthday (she turned 1 on 12/1) + we wanted it to be bright + cheerful with lots of pinks and shiny details. Since she was only turning one, the party was *mostly* for the adults, but she loves music so we had a little diy tambourine station for the kids.