Garden 10th Wedding Anniversary Party
January 15, 2016
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Ten years of wedded bliss is a reason to celebrate; even better if it's spent feting under the stars. For this couple,  it was less about creating another wedding and more about really celebrating with everyone they love. Add to that a style inspired by rich jewel tones and a group of all-stars including Not My DishBespoke Occasions and Sierra Solis Photography and the result is a party for the books.
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As our 10-year wedding anniversary approached, the first question we asked each other was how the heck did time go so quickly and the second, should we have a celebration? Neither of our families live near, we didn’t get married in San Diego nor did we even live here then. We thought we would just go have a nice dinner and call it a day. As the owner of Not My Dish, I work in the industry of helping others create beautiful events, but it never occurred to us to throw a party for ourselves. However, with all the questions about our anniversary and the urging of our friends, we realized that 10 years really was something to celebrate!

Once we decided to throw a party, the question was what kind of party did we want to throw? Neither of us wanted to do another “wedding.” The piece we did want to recreate from our wedding was bringing people we love together to have an amazing time. We knew we would wear our gifts we gave each on our wedding day, an engraved watch I gave to Stefan and the earrings he gave me, which were passed down from his mother. Other than that we wanted our anniversary to have a completely different feel than that day 10 years ago.

Considering my job is to create beautiful tablescapes, the party planning process naturally started with the table. I had recently found a vintage china pattern that was the jumping off point for the party’s style. We decided to go with rich, deep jewel tone colors with just a touch of Moroccan influence. To create an intimate environment, we chose to have it in our backyard lit by market lights and candlelight. I went with jewel toned mix-matched vintage china, crystal glassware, gold flatware and brass accessories.

We consider ourselves lucky to have amazing friends that work in the industry whose creative gifts came together to create this magical evening. The beauty of having a working relationship with all of these vendors is the trust that I could put into their talents. I gave everyone our idea, sent a picture of the dish and let them run with it.

We started with Sierra Solis Photography. I consider her my spirit animal when it comes to pictures. Her photography pairs perfectly with my design style. Considering she had just given birth a little more than a month earlier, I was surprised she agreed to do it! However, she was there making this camera shy couple comfortable taking the most stunning images.

My warehouse mate, CC Vintage Rentals, provided all the furniture, including one of the most beautiful bars I have ever seen. I also asked that we be able to use one of our favorite of theirs, the navy blue chairs for the lounge in our courtyard. Cristina kept me sane throughout the process and helped me figure out how to fit 25 people into our backyard using farm tables. She was there the day of helping set everything up and taking control along with Leah from Bespoke Occasions while we got ready for the party.

Speaking of Leah from Bespoke Occasions, I can’t say enough about the flowers she designed for the evening. I gave her the vague image of deep colors dripping in lushness and she delivered! She took my table set up and elevated it to the next level. She was creative on the spot taking some of my brass candlesticks and CC Vintage’s terrariums to elevate the look.

Some of the first people I met in this industry were the SociaLights team. Kelle and Eryn are the most genuine, kind hearted people you will meet. They outfitted the backyard with market lights and strung our courtyard with what I call their “starburst” lighting installations that they custom make. As guests arrived these are one of the first things they commented on!

To complete the tablescape I enlisted Ashley with Fruit From Her Hands. She is another creative that I always just let run wild. She came up with the idea of calligraphy on marble tiles as place cards. The bonus was that each guest could bring theirs home. My husbands’ and mine have already made it onto our memory wall. She also took her talents to the bar menu that she hand-lettered and painted the greenery to match the decor.

Please and Thank You was the astounding bartender for the evening. We love Stephen and can always count on him to make sure everyone has a great time! As luck would have it we also love his girlfriend Jessa who owns Touch of Glass. She rents amazing barware and vintage glassware. So of course she got in on the fun and provided the gorgeous glassware for the bar.

Not only did these amazing vendors come together to create this dreamy evening, we are fortunate enough to call them friends and they stayed to partake in all their hard work. Stefan and I took a moment before the festivities to take it all in. Our favorite moment, just like at our wedding, was watching people from different parts of our lives come together, become friends and no one wanted to go home.

We are constantly asked "what's the secret to marriage?" Commitment and communication is a good place to start but our best advice to those about to get married or newlyweds is to figure out what works best for YOUR marriage. Every marriage and the two people in it are completely different. Figure out what works best for you, even if others think its quirky (we go to bed angry all the time because we forget about why we were fighting by morning). Oh and also remember, everything will be funny in a few years! We are definitely blessed to have spent 10 years of marriage together, even more so that we still make each other laugh every day, truly love spending time together and have the most amazing people in our lives to share it with!