Once Upon A Time: Snow White Birthday Bash
January 13, 2016
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Amorology always knocks it out of the park with their themed parties. One look at this roundup of our all time faves and you'll agree this kid's birthday rivals the best of them. But back to the soiree at hand; the one where a really lucky seven year old is living out my disney princess dreams. It's a Snow White party gone chic. See the full shindig captured by Merrily Roberts Photography in the VAULT.
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For Milla's seventh birthday bash we put together a backyard party that would have the Evil Queen herself asking the "mirror, mirror on the wall, what party was the funnest of all?" We took inspiration from Snow White's classic dress and created a color palette that consisted of deep shades of red and blue, along with hints of white as crisp as the apples our little ones bobbed for that afternoon.

When it was time to eat, our own Snow White and all her guests sat on red velvet pillows and enjoyed tasty treats on a table that was just the right height and resembled a cottage door from our friends at Folklore Rentals. The table, along with Snow White's woodland friends, were adorned in gorgeous florals made of eucalyptus, dahlias, ranunculus, and garden roses done by Twigg Botanicals and accented with the cutest of lanterns the dwarves themselves would have held in the coal mines. For additional activities we had the kids search for mini apples hidden within the trees in the yard. We also printed off cards with names of each of the seven dwarves and had the little ones see if they could pair up items that would represent each of them, such as a bag of tissues for sneezy and sleep masks for sleepy. They had so much fun trying to figure out what went with who! We completed the day with a good ol' fashioned game of chase where our lone huntsman tried to collect the girls hearts by tagging them. Just so much fun hearing all their giggles and seeing their excitement!

The day was truly as special as sweet Milla and may have ended with her little brother climbing into the apple barrel... Because who can resist getting into your birthday suit for a good soak? So grateful Merrily Photo was there to capture it all!