Gender Reveal Brunch Party
January 8, 2016
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I am totally on the gender reveal bandwagon. It's such a fun time in your pregnancy but often can't be shared with long-distance friends and relatives. My husband and I opted for a small facetime party with our nearest and dearest but this brunch inspired affair is even better. Crafted by Lemon and Lime Event Design, it's a celebration filled with donut cookies, bubbly and the big reveal. Boy or girl? You'll have to scroll through the images by Meghan Boyer Photography to find out.
I was so excited to plan our baby's gender reveal party. I'm a wedding planner so mixing in a different kind of design board was refreshing and so fun. Gender reveals are a great reason to get families together to celebrate the upcoming addition. My parents don't live close to my husband and I so I was excited to plan this around when they would be visiting in Maryland.
Off the bat I knew I wanted to stay away from the traditional pink and blue and use more mint/seafoam and coral and peach. I started thinking of different ideas on how to do the big reveal that wasn't popping a balloon (I see that often, but the main reason is that I am terrified of popping balloons!).
Sweet Kiera made the most adorable donut cookies which guests were able to take home. They were almost too cute to eat, but too tasty to not enjoy.
After searching on Etsy for a long time, I came across these adorable cleaned out eggs that were filled with confetti. I would love to meet the makers of these -- they must have so much patience! Once I found the eggs, the baby brunch idea was born. Everyone loves brunch, and it was a fun theme to work off of.
I love coffee (and yes it's been hard limiting myself to one cup a day!) and thought a coffee bar could be a neat activity for guests to get in their morning cup of joe before the big reveal. We got all different kinds of creams, sugars and stirrers. I worked with Lauren Mattes Designs on some fun signage, a baby is brewing to hang overhead. We also offered mimosas and Lauren helped to create a "Poppin Bottles" sign with champagne and baby bottles -- guests enjoyed the humor.
I'm a big fan of thinking outside just paper for invites, so I knew Little Bit Heart out of Annapolis would help me come up with just what I was looking for. I told them I wanted something that had a 3D element.
They brainstormed and we came up with the idea of using a fork and a spoon which were perfect for the brunch theme. With some adorable washi tape and little mini utensils, the invite was just what I was looking for.
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The cracked eggs reveled pink! Of course we just want a healthy baby, but knowing it's a little girl was so exciting. My mind already starting racing with 500 nursery ideas and the day after our gender reveal, Jack Rodgers announced they were making mini jacks sandals --- it was perfect timing! We're so excited to welcome our baby girl in late February!