Ikea Hack: DIY Entry Table
January 7, 2016
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Truth be told, my favorite kind of DIYs are the super easy ones that have big impact. You know the ones. Where it looks like you've a complete crafting genius, but deep down, you know you could do it with a glass of wine in your hand. And when you can turn an ordinary Ikea table into a entry piece that wows with just some paint and gold leaf (our favorite), you know you've got one seriously good, yet seriously easy, ikea hack on your hands.
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Ikea desk
Gloss black spray paint
1 pack gold leaf
Gold leaf adhesive
Small foam brush
Painter’s tape



Spray paint the desk top and legs black in several light coats. Let dry 2 hours.


Tape a line of painter’s tape in a ring around the foot of each leg, about 7” from the edge of the bottom of the leg.


Lay the legs on the cardboard box. Paint a light coat of gold leaf adhesive around the foot of each leg. Let dry 15 minutes.


When the legs are slightly tacky to the touch, gently press on gold leaf sheets to cover the entire foot of each leg. If there are spots missed, just press on more leaf. Press gently and brush off any excess gold leaf.


Brush a thin coat of sealant over the gold feet and let dry ½ hour.


Remove the painter’s tape. Assemble the table according to Ikea instructions, leaving out the drawer.

Prop credits: Basket: Eliza Gran Studio | Rug: West Elm