New Years Bar Cart Inspiration
December 31, 2015
Bubbly, a well-designed bar cart and anything Laura Hooper and the ladies at Sweet Root Village touch just so happen to be a few of my favorite things. So to say I am excited about this post would be the understatement of the year. Lauren & Rachel from Sweet Root Village are dishing some of their go-to styling tips for your libation station this NYE, and trust me, these girls know what their talking about. Cheers!
From Sweet Root Village ...A well designed bar cart will be a feature element of your New Years Eve gathering and we have put together some tropical meets hollywood glam inspiration for you! A bold hand-lettered sign up high balanced by staggered plant life below. Plenty of crystal, gold, and glass elements in the middle for a sharp look that draws all the attention. Here are some tips for what to consider as you piece together your own look for New Years Eve!



1. Height.

Vary the heights of the items going on your bar cart. Think of your cart in terms of sections. If one section has a tall decorative item, then the other sections should be shorter than that item. Don’t forget the lower shelf of your cart (if applicable) - it needs to be styled as well, with one tall item and the rest of varying heights.

2. Florals.

Don’t be afraid to spice up your bar cart with a floral arrangement.

3. Glassware.

Choose the glassware you want to include. Include 2-4 pieces, no need to put all of your glasses on the cart. Do you have a fun tray they can sit on? If so, include that, too!

4. Accessories.

Once your liquors, wines and glassware are anchoring your bar cart, feel free to add in your accessories. Napkins, coasters, wine tags and stirrers all make great additions to any holiday bar cart.

5. Interest.

Think outside the actual bar cart – do you have a fun, oversized print to hang on the wall behind it? Any free standing objects you can place around the base?
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