DIY Easy Extra Long Pillow
December 30, 2015
We have a little bit of a pillow obsession over here at SMP. Ok, more than a little bit, we are full on addicted to their versatility. We switch them out for every season (and mood) change, so having options under our wings is crucial. Well, we have yet another DIY beauty to add to our arsenal today - and this extra long lovely is taking our sofas to another level.
Extra long pillows are the fastest and simplest way to take your bed from blah to fancy (see Emily Henderson on the topic), but they can be pricy. Luckily you can DIY your own with a simple cotton rug, some cotton batting and a half hour of your time. H&M has a great selection of inexpensive cotton rugs that aren’t too thick or rough.

Small cotton rug
White thread
Sewing machine
Polyester stuffing



Fold the rug in half (the long skinny way), so that the printed top side of the rug is facing in on itself.


Sew the rug halves together along the edge of one short side and the long side. Leave the other short side open.


Reach inside the rug to find the other end and gently pull the end through to reverse the pillow. Stuff the pillow completely with the polyester fill.


Sew the remaining short side shut from the outside. Trim any excess threads, and voila!