DIY Photo Bookmarks
December 22, 2015
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Gone are the days of folded pages marking your spot in your bedside reading. Once you gift these photo bookmarks, you and your loved ones will never touch a page corner again. They're the perfect gifts for Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas and moms too. So grab a camera, stick your little cuties in front of a white wall and get to crafting.
Photo of your little one
Photo paper
5 mil laminate pouches
Black & white string
Pink yarn
Gold elastic cord

step-1 Take a photo of your kiddo where their arms are up as if they are holding on to something, ideally in front of a blank wall- this will make it easier to see the edges when you're cutting out the photo.

step-2 Print your photo on photo paper. You want your kiddo to be around 4-6" tall so play around with the size you print at until you reach a size you like.

step-3 Cut out the photo of your kid along their outline, removing all background.

step-4 Laminate the photo in 5 mil laminate. Cut off the excess laminate (just be sure to leave a little extra room around the seal so that the photo stays waterproof). Use a knife or hole puncher to cut a small hole at the top, where your child's hand is.

step-5 Make a few yarn tassels by wrapping yarn around your four fingers multiple times until you have a nice thick bunch. Cut the yarn along the bottom of your fingers.

step-6 Fold the yarn bundle in half over a length of black & white string. Tie a gold string around the yarn bundle, near the top, to make a nice tassel shape. Trim the ends of the yarn to be nice and even and you have a finished tassel. Having trouble picturing it? Check out this tutorial.

step-4 Make another tassel on the same strand of black & white string and tie the string through the bookmark hole and knot on the other side.