DIY Illustrated Candles
December 22, 2015
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I love candles; like really love candles. And I also love every last little doodle and piece of crafty goodness from my kids so a total no brainer is to take those two worlds and give 'em a good mash-up. These DIY Illustrated candles are the result and they're perfect for last minute gifts for your family or a just because gift to yourself. I may just be staring at one of these cuties deskside while I type this very post.

step-1Cut a piece of tracing paper to fit around your pillar candle.

step-1 Have your child doodle away with markers on the tracing paper. When they are finished, cut off any excess tracing paper around the drawing.

step-2 Cut a piece of wax paper that's large enough to go around the candle with some extra to hold onto. Wrap the candle with the tracing paper drawing and the wax paper sheet on top. Wear an oven mitt and hold the ends of the wax paper taut.

step-3 Blow dry the tracing paper onto the candle. After a few minutes of blowdryer heat, the tracing paper will gently meld with the candle and you will see the lines of the paper start to fade out. You'll notice the wax paper get shiny and the colors of the drawing look less faded as you blow. Keep blowing until all the paper is molded on and the edges are invisible.