DIY Handmade Dominoes
December 22, 2015
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These aren't your grandma's dominoes. No siree. They're a sweet little last minute gift jazzed up with artwork from the littlest people in your clan and that makes them a million times better than any regular old store bought versions. Grab the simple instructions below and gift someone special Dominoes handmade by your kiddos.
*This is just our design, feel free to let your school aged kid have fun with some fun tape, paint, and their own creative ideas!

Domino set
Foam paintbrushes
Painter's tape
Acrylic craft paint in pink and black
Wide gold glitter tape wide
Thin gold glitter tape

step-1 Paint the domino box and lid pink and let dry 1/2 hour.

step-1 Tape a long triangle shape on the box lid, from the corners of one end to the center point of the other end. Tape a diagonal line on the long sides of the box, corner to corner. Paint the triangle on the lid black, and the bottom halves and one short side of the box black. Let dry 1/2 hour.

step-2 Tape a strip of thin gold glitter tape along the pink & black line on the sides of the box. Trim any excess tape with scissors. Tape a piece of thin gold glitter tape down the center of the box lid.

step-3 Cut the wide glitter tape in half. Use each strip to cover the backs of the domino pieces in glitter tape. Trim the excess tape around each domino. Fill the box with dominos and slide the lid back into place.