Don't Miss Style Me Pretty Living on the Today Show! + a bonus DIY
December 22, 2015
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Santa came early this year—Abby Larson is back on the TODAY Show with DIY projects to do with kiddos today. (Hint: presents for Grandma and Grandpa!) Tune in during the 9 o’clock hour (though varies for some markets, so make sure to check your listing!) for Abby’s fun and festive DIY art projects for kids of all ages. And in the meantime, we're sharing the cutest gold straw ornaments as a little bonus. Get the DIY instructions below!


step-1Print out the tree template. Cut the gold straws to the lengths on the worksheet.

step-2Lay all the horizontal "branches" of the tree on the worksheet. Place a glue dot in the center of each branch. Attach the branches to the "trunk" piece one at a time, starting about 1/2" from the top.

step-3Shape the pipe cleaner into the two garland pieces and cut off the excess. Attach the garland with the glue dots to the front of the tree.

step-4Attach the pom pom "ornaments" with glue dots to the front of the tree. Attach a large gold pom pom to the top of the tree.

step-5Cut a 6" length of gold string and hot glue the string into the trunk straw.