DIY Fingerpaint Wreath
December 22, 2015
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What better way to commemorate Baby's first Christmas than with a sweet fingerprint wreath as seen on the TODAY Show? Whether you give this DIY print to Grandma and Grandpa or keep for yourself, this is one Christmas present that will definitely be cherished for years to come.



step-1Print out the wreath template onto the cardstock paper.

step-2Gently dot baby's thumb in the green paint and dot that around the wreath to make the leaves.

step-3Gently dot baby's finger in the pink paint and dot that around the wreath to make berries. Let the paint dry completely.

step-4Dot the adhesive pen around the wreath near the other berries and let dry for 10-15 minutes. When tacky, gently press gold leaf on each dot and brush away any excess leaf with your fingers.

step-5Make a faux "bow" with glitter tape by folding a small length of tape into a loop. Then loop another bit of tape around the center of the loop. Cut two lengths of tape with "V" shapes at each end to form the tails of the ribbon, top with the looped "bow" shape. Attach the bow to the wreath with a glue dot and frame your wreath!


Tip: If you have a young baby, try waiting until they are sound asleep to gently get the "leaf" prints. It will be easier to get a print when their hands are relaxed!