DIY Fingerpaint Art Print
December 22, 2015
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The best presents under the Christmas tree aren't the ones that cost the most money, or the ones that were impossible to get. The best kind of present to open Christmas morning? One that shows the recipient just how much you care about them. And this DIY Fingerpaint Art Print from the TODAY Show is sure to spread the love! Get the DIY instructions below!



step-1Mix your colors and put into small plastic dishes. Try to make a range of similar shades to keep the colors from getting too muddy when your little one is mixing them around.

step-2Set your little one in their highchair (if they're old enough to sit up independently). Let them dip their fingers in the paint and get messy painting the coasters. Stay close and keep an eye out for stray fingers, especially if they're making a beeline for the mouth. You may want to rotate the paper every so often. If they're barely swatting at the page, try putting some paint directly on the paper and letting them splash it around for more color.

step-3Let the paint dry completely, then trace the alphabet magnets in pencil to make a short phrase such as "Love You".

step-4Paint in the traced letters with black paint and let dry 1/2 hour.

step-5Trace the inside of the letters with gold leaf adhesive pen. Let dry 10-15 minutes until tacky, then gently press on gold leaf over the whole triangle. Remove the backing and press the gold leaf more firmly on with your fingers and brush off any excess leaf. Then you can pop the painting in a frame!


Tip: Use foam sheets instead of paper- they're sturdier, so they won't crumple or tear while baby is painting, and they won't get warped while the paint is drying.