Christmas at The Larsons
December 21, 2015
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Every year, Christmas is a scramble. And this year was no different. Our lives seem to move in a million different directions and finding a day or a moment to embrace the beautiful holiday season is tough. But every year, we do. We put our phones and ipads (or leap pads) away, we crank up Vince Vance and the Valiants and we get to work, decorating a space that feels "us." Well, us on Christmas Crack. So with T minus a few days until Christmas, here are a few easy breezy tips that you can do today!

One. Greenery

Garden stores are basically giving away greenery this week. But we're cheaper than that. A few years back, we bought a pretty but very fake strand of garland and each year, I gussy it up with clippings from the few plants outside that are still thriving. I just tuck them in so that they feel organic and so that our garland feels a little more robust.

Two. Reign Your Fab in a little

I believe that a mantle should be beautiful and yet simple. I stuck with one basic color inspired completely by a spool of ribbon I found at HomeGoods. I added neutrals with greens, then draped the ribbon throughout leaving the spool as part of the decor. HomeGoods ribbon during the holiday season is something dreams are made of.

Three. Accessorize with Texture

Pillows. One of those things that are SUCH a breeze to update. Just pop out the standards and throw in some holiday inspired cutie pies. I love the red tones in these. They felt a little wood cabin-y and they instantly made me think of starting a fire and toasting marshmallows. So they were the big winner.

I also like to bring in texture wherever I can. Draped blankets on the back of the sofa, puddles of blankets in baskets scattered around the home. Wooden trays filled with grab and go gifts and that red velvet ribbon that I love. Details that just makes the space feel warm and inviting.

Four. Something for your guests

The one thing I do during the last few weeks of the holidays is to go all in on cupcakes. Sometimes I make them. Mostly I buy them, but I keep about a dozen chocolate cupcakes in my fridge for the rest of the month. Why? Well for one, chocolate feels SO indulgent. I want every playdate, every mom that stops by, every colleague that comes over to be able to have something indulgent that doesn't feel so much like a gift (and the guilt of not having a reciprocal gift) but something sweet to enjoy with abandon. I offer them to mailmen, to babysitters, to anyone else that looks like their day would improve with a little bit of chocolate.
And speaking of your guests...I also put together little grab bag gifts for friends.  This year we had a tray of muslin bags filled with chocolate and tied with a velvet red ribbon. So easy, so yummy and such a smile made for all of the many people that come through our doors.

But more important than gifts and chococolates...are smiles. Make sure that your decor doesn't take itself too seriously. We put our kids ornaments that they made when they were 2 alongside gorgeous gifted ornaments that weigh a million pounds and they each make the other look that much more lovely. For me and my little one, Thea, the deer above is our smile. She kisses him and hugs him and just thinks he is a part of our family! Slays me every time.

Five. Build up your "oh crap" gift arsenal

Don't forget your Oh Crap Gifts Bank! There are ALWAYS people that I either forget to gift or I start to feel guilt that I'm not giving a gift. So this is how I handle. I decide on a kit. Could be anything - hot chocolate kits are good, s'mores kits are good, cooking kits with great gourmet pasta and homemade sauce...YUM. But this year, we're doing Hot Chocolate Cupcake Kits. And we're unveiling all of the cute little details next!
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