DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper + Printable Gift Tags
December 16, 2015
Amy May Paper has brought her A game for this wrapping paper DIY and that game is mighty strong. Starting with plain paper and adding a little painted flair, your gifts will be straight dazzling under the Christmas tree this year. The evidence is in all the pretty images snapped by Alyssa Rosenheck. And once you've wrapped them to perfection, print out these sweet tags as an added bonus.
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Round Water Color Brush. Amy suggest a size 6
Ink of your Choice and Mix with Distilled Water
Solid wrapping paper in your preferred color palette


step-1 Mix It Up. If you are working with Gouache, be sure to mix with distilled water to get the perfect consistency.

step-2 Start at the Top. Amy's little secret in starting at the top of the roll is a smear proof way to avoid wet paint.

step-3 Diagonal is the new straight. Using the ruler as your guide, start writing your favorite holiday phrases or family names at an angle. This creates a more visually interesting aesthetic.

step-4 Dry it out. Once finished, let your paper stand dry for 30 minutes.

step-5 It's a Wrap!! Super easy and now you are able to personalize all of your holiday treats this year.

step-6 Have fun, the writing doesn't have to be perfect and this is an additional way to infuse your personalized thoughtful touch this season.
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