Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate
December 16, 2015
Nothing says warm and cozy like a big ol' cup of hot cocoa, but if you want to really wow your guests this holiday season, GLASS { an event boutique } and Molly Lorincz have just the recipe to up the ante on your warm beverage game. It's a Mexican Hot Chocolate, and it.sounds.delicious.
Here's the thing about hot chocolate. Unless you're a true fan, chances of choosing a mug of hot cocoa instead of your go-to cup of coffee or tea are pretty slim. Get ready for a hot chocolate game changer that’s going to make you this winter's hostess hero. This perfect balance of sweet, spicy, chocolatey goodness will rock your world and turn you to a hot coco lover.

Here’s the other thing: you’re going to skim this recipe in 5 seconds and decide it’s too much work. I would too. Stop. Come back. You're making a big mistake. The actual making of the cocoa takes 3 minutes flat. Embrace the prep work my friends. Dive in, take a trip to your local ethnic store or challenge your usual Whole Foods run by scooping the ethnic aisle and exploring a whole new world. If you’re strapped for time place an Amazon order.
Allow me to introduce some of the not-so-common star ingredients and the tool that makes Mexican Hot Chocolate what it is. Meet the Molinillo. The real star of the show. This traditional Mexican wooden whisk is your secret weapon. You can pick one up on Amazon for $15. Simply hold between palms and twist when you are ready to mix your cocoa. It produces the creamiest, frothiest hot chocolate ever.

Pasilla peppers

These are fairly readily available and can be found in any ethnic store. If you are striking out, any chile will do.

Ibarra Chocolate

You may get lucky and find this chocolate already ground. If you cannot find Ibarra, any Mexican Chocolate will do.

Ceylon Cinnamon

This is a milder form of the Cassia Cinnamon that you find in your local supermarket. It’s comes from a small tree in Sri Lanka. Ceylon has lighter brighter tones than it’s Cassia cousin who boasts strong, hot tones. Check your local ethnic store. Penzey’s and Simply Organic also carry it. For a truly authentic experience purchase the sticks and grind yourself.

Grab your blender and turn on you oven. Here we go!
Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate
Prep Time
Cook Time
Total Time
Ingredients 4 Pasilla Peppers
1- 19 oz package Ibarra Chocolate 1/8 teaspoon Ceylon Cinnamon
Pinch of Kosher Salt 10 ounces Whole Milk
Roast Pasilla peppers - place peppers cut side down on a lined baking sheet. Place in a 450 degree oven for 25 minutes or until skins are wrinkled and peppers are charred.
Let cool.
When peppers are cool, grind in blender to powder consistency. Sift out any large pieces. Set aside.
If you did not buy chocolate in powder form, grind chocolate in a blender to powder consistency. Set aside.
If you did not buy cinnamon in powder form, grind ceylon cinnamon in blender to powder consistency. Set aside.Prepare Pasilla Pepper and Cinnamon Sprinkle Topping
Mix together ground peppers and an equal amount ground chocolate. Then mix in ground cinnamon and salt. Store in air tight container until ready to use.
Scald milk and just before it reaches a boil remove from heat.
Pour 2 heaping tablespoons ground chocolate into milk.
Whisk vigorously with that bad boy, the Molinillo, until fully mixed and frothy.
Pour into mug.
Top with whipped topping. Store bought is completely fine. You’ve done enough work.
Sprinkle topping for the finishing touch.
If you were an over achiever and purchased the sticks of cinnamon, break off a piece for garnish.
Prepare to have your world rocked.
Take a sip.
Tell your friends.
*Work smarter not harder tip: Simply store the chocolate powder and sprinkle topping in an air tight container. This recipe will make enough to last the season!