Yuletide Kitchen Floral DIY
December 15, 2015
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You've decked the halls and trimmed the tree, and now with the help of Godwink Art PhotographyElm & Rowan's Shean Strong and Peyton Mia you can add some festive yuletide spirit to your kitchen, too! Easy and inexpensive (these guys foraged all the plants they used!), these DIY arrangements will completely transform your home into your very own winter wonderland!
From Christi at Godwink Art Photography....This is a concept that Shean from Elm & Rowan and myself wanted to share with the world for the Christmas holidays. We felt that the kitchen is usually looked over as far as live floral is concerned, and we wanted to show how simple it is to incorporate a light and airy design into a space that is usually a crowded workspace. If you have about 2 hours, you can create these simple pieces to add to your home. It will bring such a fresh look and add just the right amount of foliage that says 'Happy Holidays' into a busy space without an overwhelming presence.
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  • Eucalyptus

  • Cedar

  • Rose pods

  • Pyrcantha

  • White spray paint

  • Suction cups with hooks

  • 14" Grapevine wreaths

  • Floral wire

  • Wire Cutters

  • Floral scissors

  • Ribbon



Take the cedar branches and grapevine wreaths outside and lightly spray them with chalky white spray paint to give the color a muted look. Let dry.

Starting on the left side of the stove, find the most "full" looking cedar branches and begin to layer the on the stove hood, using the suction cups to attach. After the left side is layered, repeat the process on the right side.

Add the eucalyptus, laying the ends toward the middle as if there is a center point, and follow the direction of the cedar.


Finish the arrangement by adding the rose pods to the center. step-5

For the wreaths, begin to put the eucalyptus through the wreath, following the natural circular direction. Add the cedar, and using floral wire secure the foliage to the wreath base giving it the desired shape.


Once your eucalyptus and cedar branches are carefully placed, add the berries and any other kind of foliage.

Wrap the ribbon around the base of the wreaths to hang and enjoy your festive Christmas decor!