Hostess Gift: DIY Ombre Soaps
December 15, 2015
You won’t believe how easy this gift is to make. Seriously, kids can do it (and grown-ups too!) It's a pretty little assortment of soaps for gifting all the hostesses in your life. That ombre almost, almost makes these soaps hard to break up. They do look mighty pretty all lined up after all but they also look great in singles or doubles. A little pop of pink for your sink.
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White soap base
Red, yellow, blue soap dye
Soap fragrance oil
Glass measuring cup
Petite silicone circle mold (or any shape you like)
Acrylic box
Gold glitter elastic ribbon
Baking sheet


step-1 Place the mold on the baking sheet (it will help keep it firm while transporting soap in and out of the fridge). Break the soap base into cubes. I used about 2 cubes per soap, and I made 2 soaps in each color.

step-2 Place 4 cubes into the glass cup and add a drop or two of yellow. Microwave the soap cubes for about 30 seconds and then in 5 second bursts until melted.

step-3 Stir the soap to mix the color thoroughly and add a drop of fragrance oil. Quickly pour into two circle molds.

step-4 Add 4 more cubes to the cup and repeat the process to make a new color, making darker and darker colors each time. My colors (after pure yellow) ranged from 1 to 12 drops red, with a few drops of yellow or blue added along the way to vary the color range.

step-5 Once the mold is full with your first four colors, place the baking sheet and mold in the fridge for 20 minutes to let soap harden. Remove the soap from the molds, and fill again with the next round of colors.

step-6 Smooth out any uneven edges by rubbing the soap gently with a wet paper towel. Place the soaps in the acrylic box and tie closed with a bit of ribbon.