DIY Modern Gold Garland
December 7, 2015
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If you are looking for a little DIY that will up the ante on your holiday decor, you've come to the right spot. Because we've whipped up a gorgeous garland that is perfect parts chic and festive - oh, and of course, it's gold. Making it just that much better. We've deemed it the perfect DIY to craft while watching your all-time favorite holiday movie (Love Actually anyone?).
It is pretty cheap and so so easy, older kids may enjoy helping.  It's not necessarily the quickest of DIYs, but by the time the credits roll of said favorite movie, you'll have a gorgeous garland on your hands. Plus you can reuse year after year.

1-2 packs of gold paper straws
Clear fishing line
Sewing needle
Mixing bowls (optional)



Cut a length of fishing line as long as you would like your garland to be. We got a 6-7 length of garland out of one box of straws. Knot one end of the line, then string the other end through the sewing needle.


Cut about half the straws and leave the rest untouched, so that you can adjust your amounts once you start stringing. Keep each size of cut straw in it’s own mixing bowl.


Cut 5-8 straws into eighths (these will be strung on the line horizontally, so we’ll call them horizontal bars).


Cut the remaining straws into halves, thirds, and quarters (roughly equal amounts for each size). Just eyeball each size, it’s good to have some variation.


String the straws on the fishing line by poking the needle through the center of the straws so the straws will stay perpendicular to the line. Make small clusters of straws in various sizes, and separate them every so often by stringing on a horizontal bar (just slide the needle through the hole of the straw for those).


Continue stringing until you reach the end of your fishing line (you may need to cut more straws as you go). Tie off the other end of the fishing line, and hang your garland on the mantle, the tree, or your banister!