DIY Art Print for Your Office
November 19, 2015
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My favorite kind of DIY is the kind that looks totally impressive but is secretly super easy to whip up. I have a feeling I'm not alone on that one. Well, lovelies, thanks to the crafty Mint & Lovely Studios we have just such the DIY on our hands. They whipped up a to-do list of sorts that is so pretty, it will definitely help motivate you to do the most mundane of tasks. With a few easy steps, your office is about to go from blah to instagram-worthy.
Mint & Lovely Studios...Can we just talk about resolutions for a minute? There’s nothing more frustrating than coming up with lofty, well thought out goals for 2016 only to see see them fall by the wayside because well….life got in the way. We are setting our sights high for 2016 and in order to ensure we achieve everything we set our minds to, we created a fantastically cute DIY project to help keep us on course. It’s a fun way to organize all of your to do’s and to help keep you on track to crush your goals and make 2016 your year!
We’ve included a fun print out for this project so DIYers can recreate this in a cinch, but it’s also easy to freehand it as well to make your own custom saying too! 
Get it Girl template
latex based paint pen (your choice of color)
glue dots
tape (to adhere to back of glass)
BCI Crafts clothespins
BCI Crafts 2 pane reclaimed wood window
BCI Crafts plexiglass (2)



Print our downloadable ‘get it girl’ template

step-2Insert plexiglass panes into frame

step-3Tape ‘get it girl’ template to the glass


step-4Trace onto glass using paint pen

step-5Apply glue dots to the back of clothespins and place clothespins onto bottom piece of glass

step-6Place clothespins onto bottom piece of glass