DIY Gilded Leather Acorn Coasters
November 11, 2015
"Use a coaster!" I feel like a piece of me can relate to Monica Geller of FRIENDS. I prefer folks to use coasters - especially when entertaining! But I don't like guests to use just any coaster, I prefer pretty. Possibly leather. And always gold. These gilded leather acorn coasters are the perfect accessory to your Thanksgiving feast and guests can take them as favors when the party is over! xo Lexy Ward Of Proper

brown leather
liquid gold (gold paint, gold leaf, or liquid gilding work great!)
paper acorn template (hand-drawn after looking at shapes online)


step-1Draw and cut-out your acorn template.

step-1 On the back of the piece of leather, trace the acorn onto the leather using the marker and cut out each acorn shape.

step-2Paint the top of each acorn with the gold paint. Just paint where the acorn "shell" would normally be.

step-3 Allow one hour to dry (before placing drinks on!) and enjoy!


Use the gold paint to write each guest's name and these can be place cards! Or punch a hole in the top of each and thread some twine through and tie a knot. Now these are ornaments and the perfect favor to send home with each guest! These are perfectly cheery and perfect for autumn!