Eclectic Home Tour with a Strong Lighting Game
November 8, 2015
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This home is a study in eclectic; with a homeowner who wanted to reflect her passion for travel and a look that's both curated and glamorous. Pretty sure she hit the mark. And the lighting game? Wildly strong (insert muscle emoji here) Tour some of our favorite rooms below all captured by Danielle Moss and for even more of the home, including rooms with some serious vibrancy, head to the VAULT.
My vision has always been for our home to feel inviting, timeless ,collected and curated over time. I wanted to create an eclectic space balanced with neutral and glamourous touches.I wanted our home to be a reflection of our styles and personalities.
Our home represents our passion for travel and other cultures.When we travelled to Istanbul I purchased a kilim rug and this past summer I brought back a beautiful runner for the entryway from Marrakesh. I added big prints to provide some depth and texture over the bar cabinet.
Our kitchen area leads to the living room in an open floor plan. So I wanted to make sure design is cohesive and well-thought and lived –in and welcoming at the same time. The Quartz countertops and island is our favorite features in the kitchen and I knew I wanted the Hicks pendants to go over Quartz countertops. The kitchen also opens up to our sunroom which creates a great setting for entertaining.
I have always had this love affair with horse so I knew I wanted a horse print over the mantle. May be it has something to do that a horse typifies power,grace and nobility. My favorite room is our living room because its bright and airy and flooded with natural light.
My signature element seems to be luxurious velvet! I tend to throw at minimum, a velvet pillow or two into every space.I splurged on velvet sofas , velvet bed and velvet dining room chairs paired with raw edge walnut table. And the wonderful thing is that velvet tends to handle heavy use and cleaning very well.
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