What to do with leftover candy
October 31, 2015
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Tonight, your little ones will be running around the neighborhood collecting more candy than they'll know what to do with which can only mean one thing, you're going to have A LOT of leftover candy. Before you throw 2 bags-worth away, check out a few ways to reuse your leftover candy and keep your kids happy beyond Halloween.

12 Things to Do with Leftover Candy

  1. Freeze them!

  2. Bake leftover chocolates & peanut butter cups into the middle of small cakes or cupcakes.

  3. Pair it with a nice glass of wine.

  4. Mix M&M's or raisins into your trail mix.

  5. Use it for holiday decor like gingerbread houses.

  6. Bring it to the office - trust us, your coworkers will love you.

  7. Melt caramel and cover apples with them.

  8. Use as toppings for ice cream sundae's.

  9. Create a fun science experiment - try placing Pop Rocks into a bottle of soda!

  10. Mix Skittles and corn starch for DIY watercolor paint.

  11. Send your candy oversea's. Organizations like Operation Gratitude will happily take your leftovers.

  12. Eat it?! Come on, we know you want to.


Want an even better (more adult way) to enjoy candy? Check out the below slideshow!
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