Apple Cider Bourbon Cocktail
October 30, 2015
A delicious cocktail with friends is one of my favorite things, so I was beyond thrilled to style up Jacin Fitzgerald's delicious Apple Cider Bourbon cocktail while we were down visiting the uber talented Elisa Bricker. It's a cocktail that can carry you right through the holidays, making it not only pretty but efficient. xo, Abby Capalbo
Jacin just happens to be the Bubba Gump of apples. Apple sauce, apple crisp, apple pie, she's mastered them all (she's actually been known to pack her favorites in her suitcase when traveling, true story). But this little homemade apple cider recipe might just be my very favorite. The bourbon definitely helps.
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Apple cider (*homemade recipe is below)

Ground cinnamon

Granulated sugar

Rosemary sprig

Pour a small amount of apple cider in a low dish or small plate.

Mix equal parts ground cinnamon and granulated sugar in another bowl.

Dip rim of drinking glass of choice in apple cider then dip in cinnamon sugar mix to create a cinnamon-sugar rim. Add 2 parts bourbon and 4 parts apple cider, stir and serve with rosemary garnish.

Delicious hot or cold.

Homemade Apple Cider

Yield: 9-12 servings

Ingredients / materials

14 medium-sized assorted apples

2 oranges

3/4 cup brown sugar

5-6 cinnamon sticks

1 whole nutmeg

1 tablespoons whole cloves

1 teaspoon whole allspice


Tall stockpot


Potato/avocado masher


1. Wash fruit, cut into halves or quarters, and place in a large stock pot (seeds, peels and all) along with all other ingredients.

2. Fill with water, leaving about 2-3" of space from the top of the pot.

3. Boil uncovered for an hour, stirring frequently to prevent burn (an old new englander tip to prevent boiling over is to put a wooden spoon across the top of the pot).

4. After an hour, cover and simmer for 2-3 more hours, crushing fruit with your masher and stirring occasionally. taste and add more sugar or seasoning to your liking.

5. Remove from heat, let it cool and strain all contents through cheesecloth in to a clean container. Make sure to get every last drop from the cheesecloth, that's where the flavor is!

 6. Pour in to mason jars and keep refrigerated.

7. Serve hot with cinnamon stick garnish or, cold with bourbon