Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Float
October 25, 2015
Bourbon. Pumpkin Pie. Ice Cream. These are the makings of one delicious dessert. And trust us, we'll be whipping up these Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Floats from Prosecco in the Park from Halloween to Thanksgiving (and maybe, probably beyond). One look at the recipe, and you will be too. Dessert in a drink? Sign us up!
From Prosecco in the Park... With the sudden rise in temperature I decided an ice cream float might be a fun idea and so brought out chocolate bitters, chocolate ice cream, cinnamon and soda. It's decadent, a dessert in it's own right, and really easy to make. It will take you no more than five minutes to whip this drink together. And just about the same amount of time to drink it.
Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream Float
Prep Time
Cook Time
5 Minutes
Total Time
5 Minutes
1 tbsp pumpkin puree 1.5 ounces bourbon
1 ounce simple syrup 1/2 tbsp honey
1/4 tsp cinnamon dash of vanilla
dash of chocolate bitters 1 scoop chocolate ice cream
soda water
Drop a tablespoon of pumpkin puree into a large glass.
Add bourbon, simple syrup, honey, and cinnamon.
Stir until combined.
Add a dash of vanilla and chocolate bitters.
Stir once.
Add one scoop of chocolate ice cream to your serving glass, pour pumpkin bourbon mixture over it and top with soda water.