DIY Halloween Costume: Flamingo
October 16, 2015
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Pink feathers are a no fail approach to costuming; believe that. Especially when those feathers are attached to an " I can't believe that is DIY" Flamingo outfit. Whip this costume up for your favorite kiddo and prepare to hear the ohhss and ahhhs. And you might even snag a best costume award in the process. Feathers and trophies – it's a win win. For more Halloween inspiration, click here!
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1 pink feather boa (we found this one at Michael’s)
¼ yard of pink, orange, & pale pink fleece
Pink skirt or bike shorts
Pink tights
Peach top
1 9x12 sheet black felt
1 9x12 sheet orange felt
Kid’s headband
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Flamingo head template
Flamingo medium feather template
Flamingo large feather template


step-1 Download and print out the flamingo head templates. Cut out each shape and trace on black or orange felt according to the label.

step-1 Cut out each felt shape. Glue the beak shapes on top of the head.

step-2 Roll one end of the feather boa around itself to form a circle, and keep rolling a couple times until the circle is a little bigger than the felt head shape. Glue the circle onto the felt head, letting the end of the boa trail off. Glue the felt eye shape in the center of the boa circle. Glue the head shape onto the headband.

step-4 Download and print out the flamingo feather templates. Cut out each shape and trace one or two of each shape from each color of pink, orange, and light pink fleece, until you have enough feathers to form a full skirt.

step-4 Cut out each fleece feather. Cut a piece of pink fleece that is long enough to tie around your child’s waist. Hot glue the feathers to the fleece belt.

step-4 Dress your child in pink tights, pink skirt or bike shorts, and peach top. Tie on the feather skirt. Put on the headband, and where the boa hits her waist, loop it around her like a belt and tie it to itself. Your flamingo is ready to hit the town!