DIY Fruit Pumpkins
October 15, 2015
By: Alexis
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Not a fan of the typical orange and black color palette that is the epitome of Halloween? Try these DIY Fruit Pumpkins! Yes! Fruit. Pumpkins. Your dreams have come true and its easy peasy. With cardstock, paint and a paintbrush, you'll be well on your way to the cutest porch fruit in town.
xoxo Alexis of The Shift Creative
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Pumpkins (duh)
Card Stock
Paint brush
Hot glue


* This tutorial is for the pineapple pumpkin, although it will be self-explanatory for the others!

step-1 When picking out my pumpkins I did my best to look for shapes that would compliment what fruit I was trying to implement. For the pineapple I chose a taller one and painted it yellow.

step-1 Next, using a thin paint bush draw 4 diagonal lines going one way and 2 diagonal lines crossing the others in the center of your pumpkin.

step-2 To make the greenery for your pineapple, cut out a strip of paper and make jagged edges. Then, make a circle and tape it together. I bent some of my edges to make flaps so it would appear more organic looking.

step-3 Next, take a smaller piece of paper and attach it to the base of your circle and then to the top of your pumpkin to secure the greenery to the pumpkin.

And thats it!!! So easy and I am obsessed with them! For the other fruits, all the seeds are cut out of paper and glued to the pumpkins.

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