DIY Halloween Costume: Cupcake
October 14, 2015
Cupcakes are not only the most fabulous dessert on earth but they also make for really cute costumes. Think instagram-worthy times a mill. We've got the most amazing DIY version that comes complete with a cherry on top. With a few edits, you could even make an all grownup cupcake for yourself. I know what I'm doing this weekend. Click here for even more Halloween inspiration.

(3) 22x28 sheets of posterboard (we used this fancy gold striped version)
Round laundry basket
4-5 pairs of pink girls tights (get the largest size possible)
Small foam ball
Red spray paint
Red pipe cleaners
Foam sheets in pink, yellow, orange, and aqua
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Safety pins
Kid’s headband
2 big bags of cotton batting
Pale pink t-shirt
White leggings
Kid’s suspenders


step-1 Cut out the bottom of the laundry basket using scissors or a utility knife. Clip the suspenders on the rim of the basket. Have your child try on the basket and tighten the suspenders until the basket is around waist-height for them.

step-1 Cut the legs and toes off a pair of tights. Stuff a leg completely full with cotton batting. Roll on the next leg so that it overlaps the first leg and fill with cotton batting.

step-2 Repeat step number 2 until you have one long stuffed “frosting” tube, about 8 legs long (you may need more or less depending on the size of your child). Tie off the ends of the tube.

step-3 Have your child try on the basket again. Wrap the frosting around them, starting from the rim of the basket and working up. The last bit of frosting should finish in the back. Safety pin the layers together in a couple spots, and around where the arms will go. Take the costume off your child.

step-4 Hot glue the layers of frosting together and to the top rim of the basket, leaving open the two sections for the arms to go through.

step-4 Use the yardstick to accordion fold the posterboard sheets in folds about 1.5” wide (or as wide as the ruler if you want to keep it simple). Hot glue the posterboard around the basket and frosting- it will probably cover the bottom half inch or so of frosting.

step-4 Cut the foam sheets into 4”x2.5” strips. Roll each strip into a round cylinder and hot glue together to form the sprinkles. Hot glue the sprinkles onto the frosting.

step-8 Spray paint the foam ball red and let dry 1 hour.

step-9 Cut off half a tights leg and fill with batting. Curl into a circle shape and hot glue together. Hot glue the ball in the center of the frosting circle, then insert a red pipe cleaner stem.

step-10 Hot glue the cherry and frosting onto the headband. Glue on a few extra sprinkles if you like.

step-11 Dress your child in leggings, then put on the cupcake costume (sliding over their head). Put the pink tshirt on after they have the suspenders in place so that the suspenders are hidden, then slide their arms through the holes in the frosting. Top with the cherry headband.


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