DIY Halloween Costume: Kids Pac-Man
October 13, 2015
With Halloween only two weeks away, the store shelves are most likely empty (excluding the costume your little one really doesn't want, of course)! Before you start panicking, we've got a cute and easy DIY costume from The Effortless Chic that will have the whole neighborhood 'ooing' and 'awing'. Check out this awesome Pac-Man costume designed by Kathlene Linehan and photographed by Emily Morgan!
Roll of cheap duct tape
Bag of Glue Sticks
Spray Paint (black, yellow, pink, blue, orange, red & blue)
Hot Glue Gun
Exacto Knife/Box Cutter
Straight Edge
Hula Hoop or other large circle to trace
Projector (if possible for the ghosts)


Use a hula hoop or other large circular object as a template to trace the circle for PAC-MAN.  Measure the diameter to figure out the true center, then create an accurate size mouth by drawing out the triangle from there.

step-1For the arm hole, trace the duct tape circle, but you could try other plates or saucers to see what works best, depending on the size of your child. Once you have traced the circles, cut them out carefully with an exacto knife.

step-2For the connecting center, measure from shoulder to shoulder (on this cutie pie it was 10.”) and then add 1/2″ – 1″ of wiggle room. Cut your connecting center so the cardboard is horizontal. This way it can roll and take shape.

step-3Once you have your center cut, roll it up so it will take shape easier. Next make a line 1/2″ on each side. Take a blade and make cuts up to that line, bending inward as you go. It also helps to score this line from top to bottom (cut, but not all the way through) so the edges bend easier and make for a cleaner fold/line.

step-4Begin your assembly. We hot glued and duct taped the pieces together. The mouth section should be made of stiffer card board, so measure and cut that separately.

step-4Once all of the assembly is complete, it’s time to paint! I used spray paint for the ease & quickness of it. There is an art to getting an even layer, so I watched some videos on YouTube to get the technique down. Leave the black mouth pieces unassembled and spray paint those separately. You can add these once the entire yellow piece is painted and dry.

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