DIY Halloween Costume: Baby Deer
October 12, 2015
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Do we have any late to the Halloween costume gamers? I certainly am falling firmly in that crowd. Two toddlers in Boston are very much without a halloween costume as of yet. So baby deer, we're looking at you. Half-bought, half-DIY; it's perfect for the uber busy or the DIY challenged or for anyone that likes a cute woodland creature. And really, who doesn't like deer? Click here for more costume ideas.
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Baby snowsuit
Black facepaint crayon
1 9x12 sheet of brown felt
2 9x12 sheets of tan felt
Faux fur fabric
Pliers with wire cutters
Safety pins
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Antler template
Ear template


step-1 Print out the antler and ear templates and cut out each piece.

step-1 Trace 2 copies of each antler on the tan felt. Trace 2 outer ears on the brown felt, 2 ears on the tan felt, and 2 inner ears on the faux fur. Cut out each shape.

step-2 Hot glue the faux fur inner ears on the tan ears. Hot glue the tan ears onto the brown outer ears on two sides, leaving the bottom edge open. Slip the ears over the existing ears on the snowsuit and safety pin in place.

step-3 Cut (2) 5 ½” long pieces of wire. Bend them slightly to match the shape of the center stem of the antler. Place a wire between the two felt layers of each antler. Hot glue the two layers of the antler together. If you want to get extra fancy, you can sew the antler layers together like I did- but I’ll be honest, it took me a million years, so it miiiight not have been worth it.

step-4 Center the antlers between the ears on the outside of the hood. Reach your fingers inside the hood and pinch one antler between your fingers. Put a safety pin through the hood and antler sandwich. Repeat for the other antler.

step-4 Cut a large 10” long oval from the faux fur. Put baby in the suit, zip up, and quickly safety pin the oval onto the tummy of the suit. I just did small pins in four spots around the oval. Pull up the hood, quickly scribble on a black nose with the facepaint crayon, and you’ve got yourself a baby deer!


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