DIY Halloween Costume: Donut
October 9, 2015
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We like donuts... like, really like donuts. So much so that we have about a million variations in our archives, and might even go so far as to consider donuts their own food group. Well the next obvious step is a mini donut halloween costume and we rose to the challenge. This gem is cozy enough for even the littlest toddlers, while giving them plenty of mobility. Grab even more costume ideas here!
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Donut cushion
Light tan craft paint
Tan spray paint
Foam paintbrush
Paper straws in fun colors
9x12 sheet of pale pink felt
1 yard elastic
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Plastic knife
Safety pins
(3) 4oz bottles white puffy paint
(1) 4oz bottle pink puffy paint
Solid color sweatshirt or long sleeve tee
Solid color sweatpants or leggings


step-1 Inflate the donut cushion. Spray paint the cushion tan in 2-3 coats- you can focus mostly on the sides of the cushion as the top will be covered in “frosting” and you won’t see the back. Let dry 1 hour.

step-1 Draw on a wavy shape outline in white puffy paint for the frosting. Fill in the top of the donut with a thick layer of white puffy paint. You can use a plastic knife to smooth out the frosting. Let dry 1 hour.

step-2 Place the donut on a trash bag or scrap cardboard, then drizzle with pink puffy paint. Cut out a small, roughly 3”, oval of felt and drizzle with pink puffy paint.

step-3 Cut the paper straws into 4 pieces each, until you have a handful of straw pieces in each color. Press the straws gently into the puffy paint until the donut has been “sprinkled”. Hot glue a pile of “sprinkles” onto the felt headband piece.

step-4 Let the donut and headband dry overnight. Hot glue the headband piece to the center of the piece of elastic. Cut out (2) 3”x1.5” pieces of felt. Hot glue one end of each felt tab to the backside of the donut (one on each side).

step-4 Dress your child in sweatshirt and leggings. Tie the elastic headband around their head and knot it, then trim the extra elastic. Safety pin the felt tabs on the back of the donut to the sweatshirt, and voila!

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