DIY Halloween Costume: Circus Wagon
October 7, 2015
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Our last stop on this incredible, fabulous Circus extravaganza is the DIY Circus Wagon. Wagons are great for little ones who can’t walk the whole time and it proves a great landing spot for gobs of candy. The Circus Trio can be mixed and matched - just the lion and the cage, just the ringmaster and lion or the whole shebang and it's perfect for a sibling pair. Click here for even more Halloween costume ideas!

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Circus Lion

Circus Ringmaster


(7) 48”x1/2” wooden poles
(2) 48”x1”x3” wood boards
Red spraypaint
Gold spraypaint
1 sheet 22x28” red posterboard
2 sheets gold glitter paper
5” letter stencils
1 9”x12” sheet red felt
1 9”x12” sheet white felt
16 ft white parachute cord

Double stick tape
Red duct tape
½” drill bit
Wood glue
Hay (optional)


step-1Have the hardware store cut the 48”x1”x3” boards to two 34.5” pieces and two 13.5” pieces. Have them cut the 48” poles in half to (14) 24” long poles.

step-1 Spraypaint the 14 poles gold, and the 4 boards red, on all sides of each piece. Let dry 1 hour.

step-2 Arrange the red boards in a rectangle on the floor, with the 13.5” pieces inside of the longer pieces. The final rectangle should be about 34.5” x 15” x 3”. Use wood glue to secure the boards together, let dry for 2 hours.

step-3On the top skinny 1” side of the two long 34.5” boards, mark the holes for the poles with the pencil. Mark the first hole in dead center of the board, and then the remaining holes will be 4.7” from each other until there are 7 holes. The last holes on each side should be about 1” from the end of the board. Repeat with the other 34.5” board.

step-4 On the top skinny 1” side of one of the 13.5” boards, mark 2 holes about 4.5” from each other and 4.5” from the edges of the board. Leave the last board blank, that will be the “door” to your circus cage.

step-4 Drill each hole, about ¼” deep. Insert each gold pole with a bit of wood glue and adjust their position until they are straight and perpendicular to the red rectangle frame. Let dry for 2 hours.

step-4 Wrap the tan base of the wagon with red duct tape until covered. Flip the gold cage & frame over and place inside the wagon to rest on the wooden lip. The cage “door” should be at the front of the wagon. Use red duct tape to secure the base of each pole to the sides of the wagon.

step-8Cut the posterboard to two 7”x28” strips. Tape a strip down the middle of each of the long wagon sides.

step-9Trace the letter stencils for “Circus” on the gold glitter paper and cut out. I found it easier to trace the letters in reverse on the un-glittered backside of the paper. Tape the letters on the posterboard on each side of the wagon.

step-10Draw out 3” x 12” strips on the red and white felt. Mark a small line every 1.5” down each strip line. Draw out 3” triangles in each strip and cut out. Hot glue the triangle pennants to the parachute cord. Glue the pennant garland to the red frame of the circus cage.

step-11Fill the bottom of the wagon with hay and add your little lion!

Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: Jess Blazejewski For SMP Living