DIY Halloween Costume: Circus Ringmaster
October 7, 2015
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In terms of Halloween costumes, this circus trio is bringing its A-game. First we had the fierce (read, adorable) circus lion and now the gold epaulettes adorned ringmaster. It's a super simple DIY made from quick add-ons to all ready owned clothes making this a great money saver. And who knows, maybe your little one already has a top hat in their closet. It's certainly a fashion must!
Red jacket
Black pants
White button down shirt
Black top hat
Gold duct tape
1 yard gold rope trim
1 yard gold tassel trim
1 sheet black stiffened felt
2 sheets black felt
14” embroidery hoop
Gold spraypaint
1 sheet of red, orange, and yellow paper
Hot glue gun
Safety pins
Glue sticks
Cuff, lapel, and epaulette templates


step-1 Tape a line of gold duct tape down the side of the pants and to form a stripe. Repeat on the other side. Tape a line on the arms of the jacket, from the cuff up to the collar.

step-1 Print out the templates. Cut out each shape. Trace 2 epaulettes on the stiffened felt. Trace 2 cuffs and 2 lapels on the soft felt. Cut out all the felt shapes.

step-2 Hot glue the gold tassel trim around the edge of the epaulettes. Glue on the gold rope trim on the top edge. Safety pin each epaulette to the shoulders of the jacket. Safety pin the cuffs on the sleeves of the jacket, and the lapels on the collar and body of the jacket.

step-3 Spray paint the interior circle of the embroidery hoop gold on all sides and let dry ½ hour.

step-4 Make the flaming ring. Cut flame shapes from the red, orange and yellow papers. Stack them together and hot glue to each other. Turn them over, and trace the rim of the hoop on the back. Cut along the traced line. Glue the flames to the hoop.

step-4Dress your child in the white button down shirt, black pants, black bowtie, red jacket, and top hat. Hand them the flaming ring and they’re ready to direct the circus!

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Photography: Ruth Eileen Photography | Design & Styling: SMP Living