DIY Halloween Costume: Circus Lion
October 7, 2015
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This cute little lion is perfect all on its own but when you add in a circus wagon and a fire loop wielding ringmaster (coming up next!), it takes this getup to a whole new level of awesome. Starting with a furry snowsuit, faux fur and a feather boa, this fierce little lion was born. It's a show-stopper, costume contest winner kind of costume, which is totally the best kind. For more DIY halloween ideas, click here.

Furry snowsuit
Gold feather boa
Large chenille stem
Safety pins
¼ yard faux fur fabric
Black facepaint crayon


step-1 Make the mane. Fold the feather boa in half. Center it over the snowsuit hood, and position it to frame the edge of the hood around the face and slightly down the edge of the zipper. Safety pin it in place (I put all the safety pins from the inside of the hood so they were mostly invisible).

step-1 Add fur to the suit. Cut the fur fabric into 3” wide strips, one for the cuff of each arm and leg of the suit. Safety pin the cuffs onto the suit.

step-2Make the tail. Cut two small, roughly 3” triangles of fur fabric. Cut a 12” length of chenille stem and hot glue one end inside a fur triangle. Pin that triangle to the bum of the suit. Hot glue the other triangle around the other end of the tail.

step-3 Tuck your little one in their lion suit and zip it up to where the mane begins. Draw on a little black nose with the facepaint crayon before they wiggle away!


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