DIY Halloween Costume: Rain Cloud
October 5, 2015
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No sew is my DIY love language. So is easy to put together and this Rain Cloud costume is all of that. Plus you can alter it for warmer or colder climates and there's the whole "Holy cow that is the most adorable costume I've ever seen" factor. And bonus, if your kid has a major melt down it just adds to the stormy rain cloud ambiance as demonstrated by sweet little Thea. For even more costume ideas, click here.
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Cotton batting
White sunhat
Blue leotard
80-100 yds of blue tulle (4-5 rolls of 6” wide tulle)
1 sheet silver sequin or glitter paper
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
3 yards of 0.75” wide elastic
Round bucket
Measuring tape or yardstick
Masking tape


step-1 Cut the elastic in half. Turn the bucket upside down and tie one piece around the bucket, towards the top.

step-1 Measure your kiddo from under their arms to their feet (for us it was about 18”). You’ll need to cut all the tulle rolls into pieces twice that length (36”). If you have a picture frame that is 18”, you can cut this super quickly using this method: tape one end of the tulle to one end of the frame, then flip the frame around and around (winding the tulle around it) until the whole roll is used. Cut through the tulle at one end of the frame, and voila! All the pieces are cut to roughly 36”.

step-2Fold a piece of tulle in half, then tie to the elastic using a girth hitch Repeat with remaining tulle pieces until all the tulle is on the elastic (or enough elastic is covered to go completely around your little one’s torso). This video gives a good visual of the method

step-3Place the second band of elastic over the top of the tulle dress, about 2-3” lower than the first piece of elastic. One by one, pull each piece of tulle through and knot around the elastic.

step-4 Cut small teardrop shaped pieces from the sequin paper to make the raindrops. I made some larger and some smaller, I didn’t worry about being too exact. You’ll want about 30 raindrops.

step-4 Hot glue the raindrops on the skirt and bodice of the dress.

step-4 Hot glue tufts of batting to the hat until both the underside and top side of the brim are covered.

8: Dress your child in the blue leotard. Remove the dress from the bucket and have your child put it on. Re-tie the elastic to fit your child snugly. Tie on the raincloud hat and send your little raincloud out to trick or treat!